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What is Hull Monument Service?

Hull Monument Service is a family owned and operated monument repair, restoration, and new stone setting business. We are located in Union County, Iowa but provide services around Southern Iowa and into surrounding states.

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Highlighted Services

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Stone Cleaning

We offer monument cleaning.  Grass and debris removal.  Power washing and D2 application.  D2 removes stains from mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and air pollutants.  These services start in March every year so your monument is ready for Memorial day and the warmer visiting season.

New Monument Setting

We are available to set any new monument you order.  We offer competitive pricing and will work with whatever monument seller you use.  Call for a quote as prices vary on stone size.


We offer restoration of older monuments.  If your monument is sinking, leaning, or even cracked we can assist you.  Call for a quote as prices vary on stone size and extent of damage.



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